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The Making of Natural Beauty - Caitriona Balfe by James Houston

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'Orphan Black' Actor Jordan Gavaris Joins Matthew McConaughey in 'Sea of Trees' →


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Would You Rather with Sam + Cait

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“Tony is one of three brothers and two of them have died in the war, with his father dying shortly after he returns from serving at Jutland in the Navy. Suddenly he’s been left to take on this entire estate and is struggling financially. Despite his aristocratic background he is a fairly progressive and humble man. He doesn’t believe in money or land to validate himself, he doesn’t feel the pressure Lord Grantham feels to carry on the legacy of his estate. But he works hard, he’s got his own business and doesn’t sit around expecting money to come to him. In that way he’s like Matthew - he wants to feel like he has a place in society.” - A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey via x (omg)
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So, what’s the plan?
It’s a simple one. We’ll go down to Church Street for a scrumptious dinner, after which, we’ll come back.
And make love?
Exactly. We’ll make love all night - and in fact, for as long as either of us has any stamina.
And who can say fairer than that?

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pssst….mary had sex with a dude she likes

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